Abstract Paintings

Creation is a magic feeling. Expressing the unknown. Finding new frontiers. Being born again. Communicating with the subconscious, your feeling and emotions. Expressing all the impressions and experiences stored in your life and giving it back to reality. As an artist it is rewarding when your creation gives the audience a feeling of recognition. Being an artist is an enterprise of finding your way back home. All restraint energy is flowing out. 

New frontiers. Essentially change is the drive for finding new challenges. This can be expressed in the technique of painting. The stroke. New colors. Or even Composition. Is symbolism on the contrary a stronger tool for expressing meaning? What is the common language. The world grammar. The human nature has a universal structure. Is susceptable for basic emotions and this can be expressed in line and color. What do I try to tell the world, and which part is reflecting myself. These are all questions and processes in the conquest for expressing myself. Emptying the bowl.